Modeling 101

Sharlyn Lynee

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Photo-shoot Training

Makeup Techniques

Hair, Skin & Nail Care

Value of Health & Nutrition

Portfolio Building

Confidence Building

Types of Modeling

Sharlyn's overwhelming desire and interest in the world of modeling started when she was just 12 years old. Inspired and captivated by her favorite model Tyra Banks- It became clear to her that she wanted to pursue this dream. Eager to break into the business she attended and graduated from both John Casablanca Toledo, Ohio and Barbizon Columbus, Ohio. By the age of 14 she signed with her first modeling agency and began booking runway shows, print ads and more. She currently still models to date and has worked for multiple major companies. Modeling 101 was created with the desire to pass down what she has learned throughout her time in the industry. Her goal is to train and prepare you for a real career in modeling while helping achieve the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful.